My happy list of May

What does make me happy?

1.Music (especially calm and slow)

my faves at the moment:

a) Youth-Shawn Mendes feat. Khalid
Their voices together are just perfection😍
And I also love that he’s singing about a less happy topic because it’s about terror and that no one can  take our youth es away. So mean full!!

This is so true. Love his tweets.

b) Wir sind- Wincent Weiss
A song I absolutely love at the moment. Basically, the whole album "Irgendwas gegen die Stille" is so good. Besides the rhythm his songtexts are kind of poetry and have a deep meaning. In two words: love it!

"Wir lachen, wir weinen
Wir schweigen, wir schreien
Wir halten uns fest, nehmen und geben und teilen"

2. (random) moments of happiness
If you read my "shopping-Ausbeute" entry here on my blog you'll already know my pink notebook. Almost every evening I'm writing these little happy moments down. And If you now might think: but there wasn't anything good today then thats why you didn't think about it long enough. Cause I learnt even the smallest thing most turns out to be the best or happiest one.

3. being spontaneous
Saturday: My sister told me that Wincent Weiss the singer I mentioned before is coming near our town. First I was like "Oh know I have to study. Not possible. (Even I felt like and I wanted to go to the concert of him). But then it was THE possiblity I mean it was free so..
A few hours later I was sitting in the car with my sister and two friends of her.
The concert was great. I had a time where I listened to his music all the time so I knew all of his songs by heart and so I sung every song along.

Yep,enjoying! Often we are in thoughts and we don't appreciate the moment or whatever happens right now. The concert was also a "enjoying-moment" (Probably no correct english but...;))
If someone gave me a ticket to canada I definitely would be in. I think that says all.

6.conversations with friends
Talking about anything and everything that's my favourite thing to do. Because there are so many interesting topics and interchanging the others opinion is so nice and important. Sometimes a short conversation can give you a totally different view on something.

Rikke xx❤

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