My happy list of May

What does make me happy?

1.Music (especially calm and slow)

my faves at the moment:

a) Youth-Shawn Mendes feat. Khalid
Their voices together are just perfection😍
And I also love that he’s singing about a less happy topic because it’s about terror and that no one can  take our youth es away. So mean full!!

This is so true. Love his tweets.

b) Wir sind- Wincent Weiss
A song I absolutely love at the moment. Basically, the whole album "Irgendwas gegen die Stille" is so good. Besides the rhythm his songtexts are kind of poetry and have a deep meaning. In two words: love it!

"Wir lachen, wir weinen Wir schweigen, wir schreien
Wir halten uns fest, nehmen und geben und teilen"

2. (random) moments of happiness
If you read my "shopping-Ausbeute" entry here on my blog you'll already know my pink notebook. Almost every evening I'm writing these little happy moments down. And If you now might think: but there wasn't anything good today then thats why you didn&…


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