Places I wanna visit #englishpost

"If traveling was free, you'd never see me again"

This quote discribes my reference to travel quiete good. I love the feeling of "being on the way" and especially love to explore new places and cultures. As you may know I've got lists of everything and of course I've got a "Places I wanna visit"-list. So here we go...

Walking along the Peer in spring, eating Ice Cream, taking a lots of pictures of the colourful houses, Brighton has, and just explore Brighton's little coffee shops.



I think a lot of people are coming to Amsterdam to visit the well-known "Anne-Frank-Haus". If I had the chance to travel to Amsterdam I also would visit the house to get more information about Anne Frank's life.



 Tour Eiffel,Louvre, Arc de triomphe, Notre-Dame and of course "Disneyland".Typical tourist things;)


Citys in the USA I am interested in:
Boston, New York, Santa Monica, San Francisco(Golden Gate Bridge), LA(especially Hollywood)


  • England: London,Cambridge,Liverpool
  • Lapland:seeing the polar lights, huskie ride
  • Canada: Toronto,Alaska
  • Sweden
  • Australia:Sydney, Perth
  • Italy: Rome, Venice
  • Switzerland: Bern
  • Austria: Vienna
  • France: Cannes,Versailles,Lyon,Tours
So that's my (super long) list of "wanna-visit places". I hope you'd enjoyed reading and maybe you got an inspiration for your next trip;)

P.s.: Let me know in the comments below wich places you wanna go to or you've already been.

Good night peeps.
Yours, Rikke❤

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